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  • My peonies arrive.  What then?
    It's very important to take good care of your peonies as soon as they arrive. They will remain fresh and vibrant for a longer period if they are well cared for. Please read the 'Waking Your Peonies" on the Peony Care page at top menu bar.
  • How does shipping work?
    We ship overnight with Alaska Air Cargo as they have coolers for each of their hubs. The customer is responsible for pickimg up their order. We have temporarily suspended use of FedEx due to the high number of failures last season. We want you to have the freshest peonies possible. We will reassess the use of FedEx in the spring. If we use FedEx, we drop your shipment at FedEx in the morning so they can make the 11:00 am flight. You should received them by noon the next day. We ship Monday through Thursday, as most FedEx locations do not have Saturday stores hours. If your location has Saturday store hours, we can ship on Friday. In picking your ship date allow 24 to 36 hours for the peonies to fully bloom and 24 hours for shipping, therefore we recommend a ship date 3 days before your event, also allow for FedEx not being open on the weekend. With Alaska Air Cargo, we drop the the shipment in the afternoon for the night flight. The shipments generally arrive in 24 hours or less. The shipments are held in coolers when they are not in the air. For an example, look at "When is the day of the week to pick for shipping." in FAQ. You can track your shipment and you must be there to pick them up as soon as they arrive. It is CRITICAL to immediately get your peonies cooled off and into water. The "Waking Your Peony" section on the Peony Care page can help you manage this process.
  • You mentioned 22+ hours of daylight.  Is that true?
    Welcome to the land of the midnight sun. At solstice, June 21, the sun sets at 12:30 am and rises at 3:30 am, so the day begins with the sun setting and then it rises. Even during the "night", it is not dark, at best, it is twilight. The effect is an intense growing period that produces vibrant colors and large blooms. Fairbanks celebrates solstice with the Midnight Sun baseball game that is played with no lights and starts 10pm. The game has been played continuously every year on June 21 over last 110+ years since the goldrush. The Midnight Sun Run 10k is a hoot, starting at 10pm. There are 4,000 participants with many countries represented from around the world. Our harvest generally starts July 1 and ends around the 15th and we ship from July 1 to August 31. Peonies chilled and stored in our new state of the art refrigeration unit, capable of storing 50,000 peonies. We look forward to sharing our amazing peonies with you.
  • When is the day of the week to pick for shipping?
    For a Saturday wedding, we process and package the peonies on Tuesday afternoon and deliver them to FedEx for a 11:00 am Wednesday shipping deadline. They will arrive at your location at noon on Thursday (unless there is a FedEx delay). Thursday and Friday peonies are rehydrated and open in time for wedding on Saturday. Make sure to keep them cool. If we are not sold out you can order the week before for your event. However, it is not uncommon for Alaska peony farmers to be sold out by the end of March. So when you order set a shipping date a minimum of 3 days in advance of your event. For a Tuesday wedding, we process and package your order Wednesday afternoon and deliver them to FedEx for a Thursday 11:00 am shipping deadline. Your peonies will arrive around noon on Friday. Friday and Saturday the peonies rehydrate and open. Store them in a cool room and make sure they have plenty of water. Refrigation storage is the best. The vase life is long enough for the peonies to be good for a Tuesday wedding, if kept in a cool location. If the FedEx at your location is open on Saturday, we can ship on Friday for a Saturday pickup.
  • Can I come tour your farm?
    You bet. Give us a call during the summer and we would be glad to show you our operation. We have tons of wildlife; ducks, geese and sandhill cranes nest around our fields and sightings of moose and their calves are a daily occurence. Bald eagles and Goshawks are also frequent visitors. Lynx and fox are commonly present but seldom seen.
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