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Peonies are hand cut at peak of freshness.  They are immediately chilled and stored at 33 to 34 degrees. When your shipping date arrives, we carefully pack peony stems in the box.  Because FedEx was over whelmed last season and shipping failures were common, for the time being, prefer to ship via Alaska Air Cargo which has coolers at it's hubs and can maintain the cold chain.  We charge $15 fee for packaging materials and box.  If we resume shipping with FedEx, peonies are shipped overnight and generally received within 24 hours of shipping.  Unless you have Saturday FedEx service our shipping is Monday through Thursday. We dry ship peonies as we have found that they last better in shipping, please read "Waking Your Peonies" (click here).  It takes 24 hours to 36 hours for a peony bud to fully bloom. So when you order select a shipping date a minimum of 3 days prior to your event to allow for delays in shipping and blooming and also allow for FedEx not operating on Saturday or Sunday in your location.  See FAQ "Picking a Shipping Date" for an example.

We ship nationwide.  Alaska is the air cross roads of the world. Most of the world can be reached within 10 hours of shipping, guaranteeing the freshest flowers for your event.  We ship with Alaska Air Cargo overnight allowing you to track your flowers from the farm to your door.  Please pick up your peonies as soon as they arrive.  We have excellent rates and shipping charges are due at the time of shipping.  For large volume orders, we can ship air cargo for reduced rates.


We want to ensure that you receive the freshest peonies for your event.  So pick them up as soon as they arrive. We are not responsible due to delayed pick up by the customer.  If there is any shipping damage, please contact us immediately. Take a photo, describe the problem in detail, and email it to us and we'll work with you on a solution or replacement flowers.  We must be notified of any problem within 12 hours of receipt of the flowers. 


For orders of a box of 100, payment is due at the time of the order.  We accept all major credit cards.  On wholesale orders, we bill with 30 days for payment or charge a 3.5 % fee for credit cards.


We provide discounted rates for florists, floral designers, event coordinators and retailers nationwide. Please contact us for volume discounts.


Protecting your personal information is our highest concern. None of your personal information is shared or sold.  

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TEXT: 1-907-347-8085
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